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Creates an object at specified coordinates in the game world.

(modelid, Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z, Float:rX, Float:rY, Float:rZ, Float:DrawDistance = 0.0)
modelidThe model to create.
Float:XThe X coordinate to create the object at.
Float:YThe Y coordinate to create the object at.
Float:ZThe Z coordinate to create the object at.
Float:rXThe X rotation of the object.
Float:rYThe Y rotation of the object.
Float:rZThe Z rotation of the object.
Float:DrawDistance(optional) The distance that San Andreas renders objects at. 0.0 will cause objects to render at their default distances. Usable since 0.3b. Limited to 300 prior to 0.3x.

Return Values:

The ID of the object that was created (1 to MAX_OBJECTS-1), or INVALID_OBJECT_ID if the object limit (MAX_OBJECTS) was reached.

public OnGameModeInit()
    CreateObject(2587, 2001.195679, 1547.113892, 14.283400, 0.0, 0.0, 96.0); // Object will render at its default distance.
    CreateObject(2587, 2001.195679, 1547.113892, 14.283400, 0.0, 0.0, 96.0, 300.0); // Object will render at 300.0 units.
    return 1;


Objects that emit light (lampposts, police lights, bollard lights, neons etc.) that have a greater rotation than 16.26 degrees (or -16.26) on either the X or Y axis will stop shining. This effect also applies to light objects attached to other objects, players and vehicles. If a light object is attached to a car and the car is rotated over 16.26 degrees (like in a rollover), the object will also stop emitting light. This is a GTA:SA issue and is not caused by a bug in SA-MP.

In case the light is attached to another object, one fix for this is to set SyncRotation to false in AttachObjectToObject. This will ensure the light stays at 0 rotation. This would only really work for objects that consist ONLY of light, so wouldn't work for the police light for example.



There is a limit of 1000 objects (MAX_OBJECTS). To circumvent this limit, you can use a streamer.

Related Functions

The following functions may be useful, as they are related to this function in one way or another.

  • SetObjectMaterial: Replace the texture of an object with the texture from another model in the game.